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Whether it is a new Michigan sprinklers systems installation, repairs or maintenance for your current lawn sprinkler system or parts for your  Michigan sprinkler system,  you can be assured that Michigan Sprinkler Systems has you covered.

In Michigan as with many other parts of the country, people who once watered their lawns manually, are rapidly switching their lawn irrigation methods to installing underground lawn sprinkler systems. There are several reasons for these changes. As our lives become busier, taking the time to drag out the hoses every day or every other day becomes a bothersome chore. Watching the amount of time that the hose is turned on also becomes cumbersome. Then of course, one has to put everything away once the lawn has been watered. Add to the fact that you must closely pay attention to and adjust your sprinkler to overlap water patterns to avoid brown-belts and other issues and it is easy to see why so many people are installing lawn sprinkler systems in Michigan.

A lawn sprinkler system in Michigan is not only convenient, it is automatic, thus assuring that your lawn is irrigated on a regular schedule. A lawn sprinkler system in Michigan adds value to your home or business too. But, most likely, the main reason that people are installing lawn sprinkler systems is for the beauty that your lawn shows once it is thick, lush and green. This will not happen unless your lawn receives regular irrigation and the right amount of water.

Can you install a sprinkler system yourself or is this a job best left to professionals? The proper installation of a lawn sprinkler system requires knowledge. Not simply the knowledge of how to piece together lengths of plumbing, but, knowledge of water pressure and the rate of water flow. It requires knowing how to set up electric clocks or timers that are often hard wired to your home. It requires knowledge of sprinkler heads and how each style of sprinkler head functions and then setting those sprinkler heads in the correct pattern so coverage is complete for all of your lawn and shrub and flower beds too. If you install your sprinkler system yourself, you will also need to take a good look at your landscaping now and anticipate changes. As plants grow, the nozzle pattern of your sprinkler system must be adaptable to those changes to assure proper irrigation.

All of these things are things that a professional Michigan sprinklers systems installer will take into consideration when they design and install your sprinkler system. The professionals have attended many classes to learn about how to set up your sprinkler systems to offer maximum convenience and function.

Once your Michigan sprinklers system is installed, there are also maintenance issues to deal with. Some of these issues are minor. Things like broken sprinkler heads occur. And although these are relatively inexpensive, installing the wrong type of replacement can cause problems. Starting your lawn sprinkler system in spring or shutting it down down for the winter must be down properly, otherwise you will face expensive problems.

As you read through the information regarding Michigan sprinkler systems, you will probably quickly realize that most sprinkler systems installations and maintenance in probably best done by experienced sprinkler system technicians, but, for those that are handy, we hope that we have provided tips that will make your use and maintenance of your sprinkler system in Michigan easier and enjoyable for you.

If you decide to go with professionals for your Michigan sprinkler system, we are licensed, bonded and insured. We keep up with all of the latest technologies of sprinkler systems and have the skills and tools to make the job look easy.

For all of your Michigan sprinkler system needs including installations, spring start ups, winterization, maintenance, repairs or updates, give us a call at 248-473-7485 or 734-844-2494 or use our online request for quote to let us know how we can help make live easier, more convenient and add beauty and value to your home or business.. We service and repair all makes of Michigan sprinkler systems in the southeast Michigan and metro Detroit area.

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